Derrick Arnott

Octogenarian Author and Activist

Meet the Author of his four books, Inbox, Social, Domestic and Pleasure, Accidental Millionaire and Politics versus the People through 600 pages of his long and eventful life.

My Inbox – Uncensored

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About Derrick

Through childhood, school, career, National Service, business, the agony of a broken marriage, his struggle as a single parent, his spiritual ‘born again’ experience, rejection of religion and his confrontations with authority including his court battle with the English Football Association.

You will also meet in these pages many of the often bizarre characters, which for better or worse, have enriched the author’s life — like Tramlines Taylor, Penis Porritt, Bombardier Bastard, The Kelloe Kid, The Ginger Lurker, Disco Dave, Judge Joe, The Ginger Action Man, The Gay Guv’ (of Barlinnie Prison), Jimmy the Porn and Jimmy the Poof, and the author’s irresponsible drinking companions Alan the Gallon, Penina Pete and Pasty and others.

The books comment on social issues like crime and punishment, racial and religious attitudes, political correctness, freedom of speech and the control and restrictions imposed upon the silent majority by the faceless minority and how, as a parliamentary candidate in 2005, he challenged the myth which masquerades as democracy in Britain. His third book is an appeal to you to join him and others in a crusade to implement the next phase in the evolution of British democracy.

Most of all this is a human story with something for everyone. Failure and success, despair and contentment, sadness and humour, sport and leisure, words of wisdom, the serious and the frivolous, life – and death.

You will discover in “Accidental Millionaire” how the author overcame obstacles to build one of the country’s leading car insurance businesses. How his disastrous association with Lloyds of London almost ruined him. How little Gretna Football Club was taken from non league obscurity into European glory by one of his company’s directors who manipulated money held in trust to become, reportedly, one of the country’s wealthiest men, only to lead the club to bankruptcy and himself into an early grave.

In less than an hour you can read his third book — POLITICS Versus THE PEOPLE which, after a brief look at Britain’s political stumble from Magna Carta to the farcical 2015 general election, reveals how the people could easily defeat the establishment and create a TRUE democracy.

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Accidental Millionaire

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Available from Waterstones, other good bookshops, or order online from the link below:

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